Euroline transfer safes INTTRA

prod-transfer-titelThe Stacke system for the intelligent transfer of money and valuables

VdS tested + certified in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1. Resistance grades II, III

Characteristics and technical features:

System design in 2 sizes, transfer doors on both sides. Only 50 mm thick, therefore optimal useful space and lowest-possible weight. Available as an “indoor“ or optionally as an “outdoor“ version with weather-proof wall connection and insulated outside wall door, zinc-coated, varnish-coated.


1 electronic code lock each as sluice lock with interacting lock, bolt and door position contact. Optionally: With switching unit for armed/disarmed function for connection to a burglary alarm system.

Burglary alarm system:

Prepared for connection to a burglary alarm system according to VdS, excluding the proper components of the burglary alarm system. Optionally: Alarm package with all messages.


4-fold, prepared for (but without) tear-off alarm, pins included as standard.


Optionally: Rail skeleton for 2 (3) paper money containers with slide guide. 2-3 LZB paper money containers of aluminium, stackable with seat for electronic transport protection, 2 fall handles, GS tested.


EL 50.(80.)110/130 CTS
External dimensions: 800 x 550 x 692 mm (hxwxd)
Internal dimensions: 700 x 450 x 443 mm (hxwxd)
Weight: approx. 424 kg, volume: approx. 130 l

EL 50.(80.)140/175 CTS
External dimensions: 975 x 550 x 692 mm (hxwxd)
Internal dimensions: 875 x 450 x 443 mm (hxwxd)
Weight: approx. 483 kg; Volume: approx. 175 l

Made in Germany, highly qualified work in production and by skilled staff.


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