Safe deposit lockers
System 2000

Available as a manual and an electronic version

The Stacke System 2000 is a modular system of sophisticated safe deposit lockers of excellent design and with a reinforced structure.

More than 130 years of experience in security technology and high-tech have also gone into this development. The Stacke safe deposit lockers are prestigious and satisfy high demands.





Description of the system:

A modular system of manually operated or electronically controlled safe deposit lockers with a reinforced structure, arranged in a single row or double rows – smooth double walls at the inside –, of standard locker sizes, module size 25:25, in a selection of arrangements and configurations.

Front flush with the base, with the same 2.5 mm recessed/projected surface structure, totally made of stainless steel, door thickness approx. 5 mm, extra strong hinge, fixed in two rows, with stainless steel bearings, endless and infinitely variable extension, 1 key hole for the customer and the bank, engraving on locker doors (in black at extra cost).

Compact lock and electronic long lock (double-bit), respectively, with customer and bank locking.

Plastic cassettes of 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 mm




Single row:

1964 x 306 x 430 mm (h x w x d)

Double row:

1964 x 612 x 430 mm (h x w x d)
1875 mm useful, base: 75 mm (h),
set back by 13 mm

Locker heights:

50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 225,
300, 600 mm (clear -2 mm)

Locker widths:

306, clear 250 mm, 612, clear 556 mm

Locker depth:

430, clear 389 mm

Coat of varnish: Steel parts - including base - in slate grey


Side walls of free-standing versions varnished or of stainless steel, dimensional allowance/pair: 52 mm (w).

Facing on the rear of partitions, varnished.

Covers on top and at vertical sides are stainless steel-plated, recessed/projected structure.

Intermediate doors for partitions, double shell, stainless steel-plated front, fully laminated or laminated with recessed/projected structure, mortise lock with catch bolt, inside emergency unlatching, 918 mm/1224 mm wide.

Key storage via separate key cabinets or locker installations with hook boards on telescopic rails, hooks with numbers.

Light boxes of stainless steel.


The deposit locker door. Of stainless steel, finely ground, of top-quality material and high smoothness. Numbers engraved in black. Axis of corrosion-resistant, high-strength stainless steel, one keyhole for the locking mechanism of the bank and the customer.


The lock. Electronic lock, solid case, cast in one piece, over the total door width nearly to the hinge, recessed three-point fixing specially welded in M 6 to 8 mm, knock-through protection with predetermined breaking point. conically-shaped lock case up to the hinge thickness (advantageous for withdrawal of cassettes). Hidden cable route.
The hinge. Anodized, fixed in two rows, 3-fold even at the smallest locker, 6-fold also at the higher lockers. Stainless-steel axis on bearing bushes.


The cassette of high-quality plastic material up to a locker height of 200 mm, of steel for higher lockers, modern styling.


Compact lock for manually operated safe deposit lockers, with banker`s and customer`s locking mechanism.


Examples of locker rows consisting of the eight standard locker sizes of the total range

Within the 25 mm modular dimension, the Stacke safe deposit lockers can be arranged individually and according to the customers`wishes. Shown on the left are the three examplary configurations of upper “locker partitions“; on the right, the optional four “lower locker partitions“ for the “upper locker partitions” on the left.


www2-KundenmietfachSafe deposit locker configurations, for locker models 255, 380, 500 + 740, in module dimensions of 25 mm, inside locker height ./. 20 mm = useful height.







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Safe deposit lockers
The electronic control safenet

Today, safe deposit lockers are - as they have always been - an indispensable part of the services provided to customers: The customer entrusts his valuables to the bank safe unreservedly.

The bank can address its customers with good design, high-quality workmanship and reliable security thus inspiring confidence and strengthening customer retention.

This customer service costs money - but these costs can be reduced to a minimum, above all with regard to personnel expenses.

Well suited means for this purpose are electronic controls which can automate this service by means of remote or, even better, self-service facilities to a large extent.

Manipulations are eliminated; mechanical security is supplemented and optimized by a visual electronic control system. Many options facilitate the administration of the lockers.

safenet is a mature software solution which has proved its efficiency in many existing systems and performs the total control and data management of safe deposit lockers.

safenet offers a comprehensive catalogue of interesting rationalized possibilities and options.

We will gladly let you have our demo material or explain or describe it to you personally. You will be amazed at the variety of possibilities that a reliable and maintenance-free system offers.


  • Network capable
  • Easy administration
  • Central customer data base
  • Central statement of accounts
  • Incorporation into your back-up routines
  • Documentations and statistics
  • Import and export interfaces to existing customer information systems
  • Event-controlled research
  • No limits regarding number of units and users
  • Interpretation from video to event
  • External hosting possibility
  • No programme installation on PCs required
  • Integration of deposit locker systems of all manufacturers
  • Administration tool for mechanical safe deposit locker systems
  • Integrated rental agreements and rental terms

Diagram illustrating the system and its components
with the „customer – Stacke/ safenet“ interface:



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