Stacke GmbH is tested and certified both as a company and with its products. Management and production are governed by a strict and consistent third-party control. So Stacke products guarantee excellent security that you can really rely on.

Stacke has been TÜV certified since 1995. The certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 is proof of a tested quality management which explicitly includes production, distribution and service as well as the development of own products.

As a result, Stacke is a reliable developer and manufacturer of products of the safe and strongroom manufacturing and security technology industry.

VdS-Laboratories in Cologne is one of the leading testing institutes in Europe.

VdS certified products are type-tested in accordance with the strict requirements of the European standard EN 1143.

All Stacke products are VdS tested. This test guarantees clearly defined, objective security and a non-life insurance without any problems.

ECBS – EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION BOARDS SECURITY, FIRE & LIFE SAFETY – is the certification body of the European Security Systems Association e.V. (ESSA).

Certification is based on test results by recognized European testing institutes in accordance with EN 1143; as a result, the certificate enjoys high prestige all over Europe and is of international significance.

Nearly all Stacke products are ECB•S certified. This makes Stacke products even more secure, insurable in all of Europe.

TREZOR-TEST (Prague) is an accredited testing laboratory and an admitted European certifier.

Tests and certificates cover Stacke products of the strongroom manufacturing industry as, e.g., strongrooms and strongroom doors of the maximum resistance grades XII + XIII in accordance with EN 1143 – also with EX qualification (explosion test).

Stacke has delivered such equipment to a European national bank and some more banks in Europe.


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